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Protecting Your Investment, While Protecting the Wildlife

Sergeants Integrated Pest Solutions,Inc provides humane, chemical-free wildlife animal control and removal services. If bats have claimed your attic as their own while the skunks have somehow burrowed themselves in your chimney wall, then explore our wildlife animal control and removal solutions. We assist commercial and residential clients seeking to protect their family and employees from animals, as well as their property from structural damage.

Personalized Solutions to Your Wildlife Problem

Sergeants Integrated Pest Solutions,Inc handles every wildlife animal control and removal service on a case by case basis. We assess each job and usher in a wildlife control plan that works. Along with our tailored services, we can also perform the following:

  • Wildlife Waste Remediation
  • Attic Clear-outs and Restorations

Because we have a soft spot for these bushy-tailed creatures, we approach all wildlife animal control and removal services in Florida with a humane method: we remove the animal from the property at risk and release them to the wild; we reunite wildlife with their kind. Trust our wildlife animal control and removal company to capture, transport and release the animal off your property. If you’re noticing chewed wired cables or torn insulation, then you’ve got bigger problems—call us today.

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