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Handling All Mice and Rat Problems of All Sizes

At Sergeants Integrated Pest Solutions,Inc, we’ve performed hundreds of mice control and removal services. With our experience in the industry, we are able to identify how these critters enter homes and implement a humane exclusion to keeping them out. To couple with the region’s qualified and seasoned mice control and removal team, contact us today. We’ll begin our services immediately to prevent the spread of diseases that mice and rats carry.

Have a Mice or Rat Problem?

We are experts in wildlife, especially mice and rats. So, if you believe mice and rats have colonized your attic or behind your walls, then speak to our wildlife control team. We can provide you with additional insight into whether you have a mice or rat infestation. Here are some indications that may require a phone call to us:

  • Presence of feces around your home that are the size of a grain of rice
  • Finding chewed up books, paper and wood
  • Hearing scampering noises
  • Finding presence of oily marks

Removing rodents in a humane way is our specialty. No Florida homeowner appreciates an uninvited guest; so, if mice and rats have made your home theirs, then contact our mice control and removal company in Naples. Sergeants Integrated Pest Solutions,Inc will determine an effective and comprehensive plan to keep rodents at bay and your sanity together.

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